By the Sword: Rough Draft | Part 16

The five soldiers approached, bearing their arms over their heads to fall upon the cornered brut. The glint of their swords paled as they stepped into the shadow of the alley. Dave’s head bowed, his long bangs falling over his face. His arms fell to his sides, his trembling hands opened.

“Do it, then,” he said, “and end me here.” The bastard gazed up into the clouded sky where some blue had broken through. “If water can wash away my sins, I’ll be in heaven.”

An agonized cry broke David from his wistful musing, and his eyes returned to the scene. The man in black had stepped out of his shadows, his curved blade opening up one of the soldiers. The man fell into his comrade, and the line of soldiers turned from the bastard to the stranger.

“It’s him,” one of them shouted. The four remaining swordsmen broke rank, weaving around each other as they all confusedly pursued different interests. The one closest to Dave found the madman’s fingers about his throat. The bastard’s reddened face, flushed with rage, filled the soldier’s vision as his sword arm uselessly tried to wrestle itself free from his attacker’s grip. The one holding the expiring body of his late brother thought to retreat, but retreated into the advance of another soldier. The last of the men found himself deflecting a few quick swipes of the unnamed hero’s sword.

With a wary eye, the soldier watched his attacker.


By The Sword
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Part 13: The Pier
Part 14: Mist
Part 15: A Job


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