The Sun Rises

Some say ignorance is the root of evil, and simple knowledge can make a man repent; they dream that darkness and light, the one emptying itself into the other, is the whole of morality: Yet I knew—I had no claim to ignorance. The day I learned the truth was the day I went mad; these men, these milksops, who wish to save me—I cannot bless them for it—they forget that yes, in darkness men are blind, but light may also blind a man, and men can close their eyes. It was the light that brought me to this point, it was the knowledge I couldn’t bear which drove me to this desolation—I wish only for death now, for darkness;—the evil is too great to know, and yes, evil can be known. The sun rises over the just and the unjust.

(Writing this, I had certain intonations, somewhat reflected in the strange punctuation, which I could not perfectly recreate in a purely written format. As such, I attempted to make a recording.)


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