A Christian Reflection On Ghosts

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Do Ghosts Exist?

If you had asked me as a child, I would have said unequivocally that they did. Nowadays, I say I don’t know. (As I wrote that line, a loud noise shot through my house, and for a moment I grew certain again). My problem is that I want, desperately, for ghosts to exist, and therefore I cannot trust my own mind. One point I’ll make in favor of their existence, is that the Bible, whenever the topic arises, never dismisses a belief in ghosts, seemingly assuming the positive, but conversely the Bible never endorses their existence either.



    1. Christians argue about this point more than they should. Catholics will generally say yes while Protestants generally say no. Ghost, though it once meant the same thing as spirit, has come to mean specifically a spirit existing without a body, or the spirit of someone who has died.

      I personally think ghosts exist but see most of the television shows and mediums and paranormal investigators as charlatans.

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