Ramblings: Daydreams Re: Under

Okay, I had a long week, rather stressful, and this coming week looks just as packed. My creative juices are spent, and I just want to take a nap. However, I think I really hit on something with a recent short story I posted, Under. I’ve been daydreaming about the implications of the narrative and where I could take the world. So, instead of really writing a post, I thought I might share a few stray thoughts regarding this new creative avenue.

There seems to be a cult of this dragon. Any cult needs a hierarchy. What are some of the powers granted to those in the inner circles:

  1. Immortality (Through undeath)
  2. Mind control over those lower in the hierarchy
  3. Communion with the dragon
    1. The dragon could share hidden knowledge
    2. The cultist could request the dragon do something extraordinary

We have a clear goal for the dragon, the possession of a body, which he gains through his cult: On the immediate level he controls the cultists as his body, and on the long term he uses the dead cultists to reform/rebuild his body. So, what other goals has he? The growing of his cult? Perhaps his ultimate goal, and the reason he was killed in the first place, was that he wanted to consume everything, make everything part of himself.

How was the dragon originally killed?

Since the narrator in Under found out the truth about his cult, can he break free of the dragon, or is he forever enslaved to the dragon because he joined the cult?

Since there is this evil dragon god, is there a contrary spiritual force? (The Cult of Light)

Setting Idea:

  • The hill the dragon is buried under becomes the locus of a grand city.
  • The ever pouring blood is mined for some magic stuff.
  • The cultists murder people to add to their vault.

Story Ideas:

  • Dead man reported seen walking out of a police morgue
  • Rich man joining cult to save his heir’s life
  • People constantly breathing the fumes of the dragon blood mutating into monsters
  • The cult of light trying to set up missions in the city

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