Final Impression: Difference Between Hinduism and Christianity

Continuing from First Impression: Difference Between Hinduism and Christianity

I wanted to know what the logic of Hinduism was. We went over their metaphysics and practices, but aside from this descriptive information, I could not give you the reason for their belief. The closest I came to finding an answer was in the three central “presuppositions.” Yet, I keep coming back to the why: Why reject the reality of death? Why reject the existence of the individual? Why accept evil as some form of cosmic justice? On all three levels, Hinduism is contrary to experiential knowledge: I see people die while Hinduism explains it away, claiming the dead are reborn somewhere else as different people who are still the same; I see a rich world full of beautiful, extravagant frills, a world where flowers bloom and die in a day, a world brimming with uncountable individuals, while Hinduism tries to force what seems a mad interconnectedness upon it all, erasing every boarder in its monism; and I live in a world marred by evil, my soul hungering for some transcending goodness, only to hear the antithetic proclamation that all this evil is truly justice. Why? What is the rational behind Hinduism?

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