Spider, Spider

The spider, sitting in her tattered web, lies motionless. The flowers, rising through the weeds, unfurl their purple petals. Only my eyes can see. A spider, homeless, small, crawls on my sleeve. I hold him in my hand. He scurries from my fingertip, alighting on a leaf. No word is said. I’m all alone.

Spider, spider, in your web,
how lovely you appear.
Spider, spider, spin your web,
for soon the end is near.

Spider, spider, in my hand,
is that your mother there?
Spider, spider, leave my hand;
could crush you unaware.

Flower, flower, there below,
so lovely here to see;
Flower, flower, far below,
so far away from me.


  1. Life is as delicate as a web…. as years pass by, I know now this balance of life and death is actually quite skewed.

    Your poem is beautiful and reminds me of the mistaken innocence of nursery rhymes… so much darkness in between the lilt.

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        1. I see you changed your pic. Nice.

          I hope you may share my hope and my faith, then, that there is a gardener over this world, that you are his Rose. I don’t pretend to know anything: Life is going to gut us all; no one gets out alive. There is no medicine for this, none I would suggest anyway, but the choice is between life and death. I don’t know what you are going through, or even what you believe, but as one of my favorite writers says, “Sometimes you got to play through the pain.” Flowers live and die in a day, as you and I will live and die. It may seem like noise, like a meaningless name, but I call on Jesus. I would all would call on that name. It won’t change the past, and life will still suck, but Jesus is the sunlight that all flowers need to grow. Maybe you’ve heard all this: Maybe you believe, maybe you think it’s bunk, but know I only write this to you to give you what I have. If I am an ass, believe me to be an honest ass, and if I am an ass, remember that asses can sometimes speak the truth.

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          1. I believe in anything and everything that helps us make sense of life. There doesn’t need to be one name we speak — Jesus, Buddha, Allah…. what does it matter? As long as the belief or non-belief in a God doesn’t cause senseless death or pain to anyone, it’s all good.

            I appreciate your words and the thought behind them. In time, the darkness will lift. It’s all a process, really. Right now, I seek darkened corners where I can wallow in peace, but I don’t forget to step away from the shadows and breathe in light. Yes, playing through the pain… lovely words.

            Lol. I like honest asses. Thank you, Doc. xo

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