2019: The End

So here it ends. Another year is fulfilled. Let the Roaring twenties begin! (Let’s skip the whole prohibition thing this decade, please).

This has been a year of ups and downs, of ominous undertones and triumphant shouts, of failures and fortitude, and of life and death. I’d say it was a good year, all things considering, and I rather enjoyed it. I think the writers of the last few months really tied up the plot nicely while leaving some interesting new threads to carry us into the next season.

One can hardly discredit this last year as boring. I try not to write on politics too often as the subject is not my forte, but in America, and if I understand correctly, England too, things have been rather interesting.

I suppose one of my bigger complaints regarding this season’s plots has to be the Epstein narrative. I sympathize with those viewers who think the whole story arc jumped the shark; it certainly gave us no satisfying conclusion. It played out more like a dark comedy than the thriller the trailers suggested. As evidence of the general dissatisfaction with the whole story, I would point to the growing fan theory that Epstein faked his death and is still alive (and will hopefully return in a later season). Whereas the plot was already a little over the top to begin with and subsequently this theory can’t be dismissed as being too theatrical, I don’t think this proposed plot twist would work well with the sardonic tone of the whole narrative. Unfortunately, life has a tendency of creating really engaging hooks without concluding them well.

Have a Happy New Year.

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