By The Sword: Andrea

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Here is a snippet:

“No, Davy!” a woman called.

Like a dog at the end of his chain, David halted, a snarling brut, and as if suddenly free to move, the boy turned to run. Disentangling himself from his instrument, he threw it and his drumsticks aside with a clickety-crash, but before he could disappear around the corner, he came to a skidding halt. Appearing around the same corner, a woman stepped onto the scene.

She wore a dark, wide brimmed hat which veiled her face save for a shapely, white chin exposed underneath. The boy, who had nearly run into the woman, gazed up at her gawking. She put out her hand to brush his hair from his eyes, and then, wandering to the back of his neck, she turned his head to better catch the light. She studied him for a moment, and afterward, as if seeing what she was looking for, let him go.

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By The Sword
Part   1: How it Began
Part   2: Questions
Part   3: The Blackness of the Sea
Part   4: Locks
Part   5: Out of Time
Part   6: Ariesland
Part   7: Shadow of the Sisyphus
Part   8: Swords
Part   9: The Eagle and the Lamb
Part 10: Confession
Part 11: Compiler’s Note
Part 12: Sermon on a Mount
Part 13: The Pier
Part 14: Mist
Part 15: A Job
Part 16: Andrea

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