Essay on the Death Penalty

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The Rectitude of the Death Penalty


And in a final aside, though I intended to avoid this rabbit trail, the topic of abortion has been erected. I suppose it is a popular point and ought to be addressed. Although there is no strong connection between these two issues, there has been an affront to morals and reason posited as a dilemma: You cannot hold to both the integrity of the death penalty and the sanctity of life. However, the only reason I believe in the death penalty is that I believe life to be sacred, that I believe it to be an immeasurable evil for an innocent life to be taken, an injustice which is best rectified by the present delivery of the guilty party to a much higher court than any on earth.

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This video started off this whole thing:

Rough Drafts:
Rough Draft: Death?
Rough Draft: Death?

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