Tall Tale: Faceless

I close my eyes and see the world destroyed
by means once strange and yet by means well known,
for from above the world would look the same
and carry on as in our yesterdays—
come down and walk these streets and see this world:
Imagine beside you your lover there
and waking first you then rise up to see
your lover’s there, but there without a face.
The lover moves throughout the house as old,
and yet the faceless lover is now mute.
Imagine then your next discovery:
You call upon the phone to no avail,
and frightened race into a public square.
It’s here you see some people walk about,
a world of faceless drones all wandering
throughout the habits of their yesterdays.
The children still do walk their way to school
and sit within their designated seats,
but silently the faceless ones there sit.
As well the proctor comes before the class,
and he, as faceless as the rest of them,
upon the board meaningless circles draw
until the hour that the day is done.
All silent then, the faceless go back home.
And you, the only one you know who’s left,
the only one who hasn’t lost his face,
are left to wonder at this faceless world.
As such I see an end to everything
and yet it all plays out as yesterday
save that there is no soul to touch your soul,
a griefless, painless world devoid of life.

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