The Joke

So, generally, I neither shy away from the subject of politics nor race towards it headlong. However, tonight I want to consider a discussion I had with someone who found politics depressing. I follow politics mainly for the laughs. I grew up watching Invader Zim and reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; there is a certain love I have in the innate absurdity of humanity.

So, my friend found politics depressing, and I tried to encourage him by sharing my view. Now, my mind was currently on the whole situation with the Iowa caucus: there is something truly wonderful about that absurd circus. However, my friend mentioned something about death, and if I understood him, was referencing the high rate of suicide in our country.

This is a tragedy, don’t get me wrong, but an absurd one, one in which I can’t help but see the irony. At the most prosperous time in human history, when all the world is filled with promise, people are in total despair. It boggles the mind.

People are people, and some of us enjoy politics, like me, and some of us don’t. Whichever case, don’t despair. In the end, it is all going up in flames anyway, and you’ll probably die before it does. Whether the weather is really going to kill us all, or the bombs start falling, or an asteroid makes an unwanted visit, the whole show will end sometime. There will be beauty, there will be pain, and through it all the absurd, idiotic actors named man will do their bit upon the stage, grasping for death over life over and over again. At some point, the joke’s got to sink in.


  1. Are these prosperous times? More so for the 1%. Healthcare is a tragic joke, and tariffs have shut down a once booming warehouse in our neighborhood. Retail stores like Macy’s, Sears, and Pier 1 are shutting their doors. The US deficit is $984 billion and soaring due to the government’s inability to control its spending and giving away ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthy.


    1. Congruently, people have jobs and, rich or poor, people are getting wealthier. The deficit is a problem, but that seems part of the joke to me, for at the moment when we could be handling our terrible debt, our government chooses to spend more and more and more.

      When I say we are in a prosperous time, I am not saying we are in a perfect time, but compared to yesterday we should be dancing in the streets.

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