Essay: Dreams and Reality

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Dreams and Reality


I hope I have given good answers to these questions. The topic at hand seems marred in useless imaginings. In both educated and uneducated circles, people will be talking nonsense about the Bible as they throw the Bible aside for some low-resolution, effervescent imagination. Our lectures did not delve far into the JEPD theory, and so I will not pretend to argue against it. However, it does not pass the smell test: It is a theory by which imagination is allowed to trump reality, where countless unknowns are allowed precedent over knowns. Similarly, even ignoring my grave, theological reservations as regards the Historical Jesus, where anything remotely unpalatable for the critic can be thrown aside as unhistorical, the theory does not seem to contend with what actually is, with the Bible as it exists, instead dreaming up some history for which no solid evidence was seemingly considered. In all, the Bible has a use, has a purpose, and like a locomotive’s purpose, it should move you. The Bible brings the reader, in some sense, to a better relation and knowledge of God. The intellectual theories and crude assumptions I’ve considered in this paper all seem to me ways of avoiding getting on the train, of actually experiencing the Bible, and so whether they are true or not, they are useless dreams.

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