Babel 2.0

It’s been about eight days since I began my “social distancing” in earnest. I never knew how great a conversationalist I was, but I have been talking with myself quite a bit and, though I am unsure that everything I’ve said is strictly speaking on the saner side of the cheese falling out of the sandwich . . . what was I saying? Oh yes, even though I’ve had a few funny moments due to this isolation, nothing I’ve said can top what I’ve heard from old Joe regarding this whole pandemic:

“We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what.”

~Joe Biden

I mean, you can’t argue with that logic. You can’t agree with it either. I find that I can do little more than sit in awe at the masterful elocution and dictum of this presidential hopeful. It is a gift from God, in these troubling times, to hear such words. Honestly, I have no idea why Sanders stays in the race: All he can do is praise murderous regimes. I’d like to see him reenact the Tower of Babel as well as old Joe.

But this liberation of language from any semblance of meaning is not the sole prerogative of politicians. I had a friend recently write that Christ was uniquely present in the Eucharist as He was uniquely present everywhere. I am so glad that our culture has done away with rationality; it was only slowing us down.

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