Poem: Still

Immortal in this mortal world,
forever I must flee,
so with my sails ever unfurled
I run away from thee.
Your dragnet I always escape,
though it leaves scars on me;
I always win in all our scrapes,
but pay a bitter fee.
So bring the chase into the night!
In darkness we shall see
whether new day brings forth new light,
whether new tales shall be.

I live in stories you can’t tame,
in ancient words of men,
and I will always spark a flame
to set souls free again.
So run the schools; I’ll still be there
hiding within a pen.
Deny the truth, but lies won’t bear
the weight of all that’s ben.

I am the truth, the king of all,
whom you will always kill;
I am the voice, I am the call,
and you can hear it . . .

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