Short Stories

A Cold Winter Walk (YouTube)
Follow the tale of an old man out for a walk on a winter’s night.

To Endure (YouTube)
This may be the first short story I ever wrote. It follows two men in a broken old, well there seems to be some question about what sort of vehicle they were riding in.

Achilles Amok (YouTube)
This was a rather fun High School assignment I did awhile back. We were going over sections of the Iliad and the Odyssey and our teacher asked us to write a story about Achilles appearing as an anachronism in our modern world.

Before Life, In Eternity’s Door (YouTube)
A guilty man finds himself in a courtroom.

The Black Castle (YouTube)
A very short story about the ruins of a castle, and the treasure hidden therein.

Stop the Rain (YouTube)
I was alone in the house one night, turned on a thunderstorm soundtrack, and just started writing.

Pillars of the Sea (YouTube)
An old man watches the actions of a young man at a harbor.

Leah for Rachel (YouTube)
A fly-on-the-wall’s view of a conversation in a bar.

Dona Eis Requiem (YouTube)
A zombie story.

Hallowed Ground Broken (YouTube)
A horror story in the night. Thank you, MladenR, for your post, Getting Inspired By Photographs.

Fare Well
A thief runs from his pursers, but all is not lost.

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