So, a poem must be
a set of words that speak.
What about and when
well, we shall debate

Waiting on Charon
I Thought of You
The Messenger
The Shattered Heart
This Fragile Thing
To a Friend
Forgotten Rose
Kingdom of Heaven
Sweet Love of Tender Vine
Foul Heart
In Shadows
Give me Wings
A Song Ended
The Fall
In Parting
The Hero Dies
Child in the Snow
Night Terrors
Heart of Wormwood
Power of Darkness
Let Us Go On Together
Cherished Woe
The Reaping
Morning Light
Heaven’s Touch
Ghost Ship
Darkest Hope
Undying Heart
Virtue’s End
The Way
To See Sun Rise
The Deviant
Dear Jim
No Morrow Brings Day
All Dead
Of The Dream
The Bitter Heartbeat
I Must Return
Seeds of Dreams
The Impersonal God
Graveyard’s Crooked Path
This Road Leads Home
Minotaur’s Birth
The Ship Beelzebub
New Life
Grimsley Hole
Dream On
The Maniac
Depressed Tin
No More
One Green Leaf
The Dog and the Door
The Eye of Death
Carry On Dream
Heart’s Dream
Otis’ Song
A Bitter Fen
A Hare’s Nightmare
A Devil’s Son
No Hope
Gouged Eyes
Despair and Die
Space Psalm
The Anti-Fascist
No Longer Mine’s to Be
The Choice Once Made
You Were There
Imago Dei
Until the Dawn
The Soldier’s Exit
Into Dreams
The Undead
By Fire Judged, We Stand in Ash
Apologies, Doctor
The Tale Ends
Hopeless Heart
Here Lies. . .
I Am At War and I Am Losing
What Dreams the King up on His Throne?

Playlist of Poems

Monster Poems:

Vampire’s Remorse
Werewolf’s End
Journey of the Zombie
Monster’s Name
Ghost’s Memories
Hyde’s Justice
Witches’ Desire
Gorgon’s Veil
Patience of the Skeleton
Necromancer’s Song
Wendigo’s Feast
Gargoyle’s Repentance
Banshee’s Wail
Jack’s Trick

Playlist of Monster Poems

Facing Death:

The Sacrifice
The Rebel’s Council


To bed, to bed I go,
and for happy dreams I pray.
But, if by-chance my visions should
be unblest, bitter, enraged,
then think kindly that I’ll remember it well.
It will become my treasure in the end.
Worked out in letters, I’ll make fear afraid