Dear Jim


I said of the clown: You’re a fool.
Your eyes, closing both as a rule,
to you are as good as a steer
when season for mating draws near.

But trading insults cannot gain
the two of us more than just pain.
Yet rhyming in verse is quite fun,
and I know not when I’ll be done.

You wobble on footwork so strange
yet never have stepped into range:
jumping from one stance to the next,
so pinning you down has me vexed.

You call something wrong but refuse
to clearly think out your own views.
If wrong, then how so? I have asked,
yet thought was too hard of a task.

Here fin’lly it seems you will stand,
and cite genocide out of hand.
Oh well, that’s your choice, a chestnut,
an argument pulled from your gut.

I’d hoped, just perhaps, that you’d see
your joy abandoned still in me.
Maybe a vain wish, who’s to say?
at least there is light for today.

As Paul was a slave to the slave,
so I have endeared to behave:
To you I display your own kind,
in this, I believe, I was kind.

A response to Anybody Want Some Crazy?


  1. Nice job. The consensus was you are very wordy and say nothing. Those are not my words so take that to heart. I know you understand yourself perfectly, but you initial blanket accusations about atheists was very narrow. I’ll put my group toe to toe with anyone, any where. Very educated, many with multiple degrees and read the Bible in the original language. Many ex ministers and seminary graduates that had congregations that all came to a crossroads and saw the fallacy outweighs the fact . The fact is, faith is something you choose to do, and that’s your business, but when you tag atheism in your post, your either having your own doubts and faith crisis, or looking for a fight. That’s the two general options. You have an unverifiable, untestable creed and book, and for most it requires nothing to obtain, and nothing to maintain, but act gut shot if someone points out the obvious flaws. I have sat where you are today. I too came to the crossroads. Nothing in the church, nothing at all, confirmed anything concrete. All bias validation and pressure to conform. Did it for fifty years out of faith, and when I looked outside the lens of religion, the switch flipped and I was freed. I no longer believed a word of it. I’m sure you think monsters when you think atheist, but I’ll tell you, just the other day I was asked if I was a believer. I said no. Not at all. She said ,”oh, you just seemed so nice”. All these people here are great people that don’t believe in god. One less god than you do, as the saying goes.


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