Heaven’s Touch


She cries the tears of innocence, the tears
they all once shed. So now their stone-like hearts
can feel remorse again. With gentleness
now tendering those worldly hardened souls,
awake civility itself recalls.
And even one, one thought unmoved by all,
who had the deepest darkness faced,
he was who first did comfort her that day:

“Small girl,” he said, his voice gruffer than most,
“fear not, for lo, I knew the man now dead.
I knew his faults and virtues, and his heart,
I knew just one whom he entrusted sole:
You were his light, his reason, only you.
I cannot make this darkness naught for you,
nor can I make this body live again,
but be assured that when he was to die
his final breath only declared that love.”

Thusly the old man spake whose heart reborn
now broke to see his story inverted.
To die for th’one your life was pledged unto
gladly he would. Instead his saintly wife
in heaven’s light was found, and in ghostly
fragrance remembered when by her sweet soft scents
still coursing through his house their spirits touch.
Though she above and he below, they touch.


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