Banshee’s Wail


Lament and weep with me, mothers, they’re gone.
My little ones I dearly loved are gone,
and I, dread wretch, murdered my infant son
and precious daughter there where rivers run.
O brilliant day, why curst me with thy light?
Why give the wicked clarity of sight?
For on the seemly dew thy morning rays
livened my darkness of bitter malaise.
How this foul heart corrupts all that is good:
There all night long I by the window stood.
When glorious light revealed to me the morn,
it was a darkness in me that was born.
Were they not mine alone, my body sole,
and if it were not I, none would control.
I’d let no one deliver them from me,
for they were mine, and mine only would be.
Before he came to take those two away,
the three of us went by the brook to play.

O mother, weep!
……………………………….My wails are just begun.
O mothers, weep!
……………………………….Her wails revile the sun.


    1. I love seeing how an artist’s work can get away from him. I honestly had no thought of the immigration crisis while writing this. However, I had something in mind, abortion. It mainly shows in the banshee’s logic mirroring that of the pro-choice advocate: “My body.” I am curios what made you think of the crisis at the border. Also, have you seen the new film, Gosnell?

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