Gargoyle’s Repentance


The noise, or what to me was such clamor,
all clanging bells, and repentant stammers,
would day or night invade my hidden deep
and draw me from my long submerge-d sleep.
An undeserve-d happiness possessed
those worshipers so mightily impressed
by revered saint who died, quite long ago,
nailed to a tree, and then buried below
—as all will be—was turned to dust and bone.
But I soon learned the weight of what was sown,
when coming to the seat of all my woes,
this wat’ry snake before the child froze.
The epicenter found round which all turned,
I inward found a human heart yet burned.
Remembered I my Creator’s design,
Logos, my rediscovered call benign.
So Life here conquered death, and grave, and me
as I, from long entrenchment in the sea,
did kneel before my resurrected King.
Now I among his saints do loudly sing.


Listen to my beautiful voice:


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