Hyde’s Justice


Hide the truth in many a lying tale
as you will; obfuscation can’t prevail
against want of a conscience influence
over our base lusts’ ravaged impudence.

Honor into wickedness has been twist.
Where is fault found in madness such as this:
With the toxic draught of transformation
or the mind that chose the alteration?

Why should my name be sullied day and night
when hunted manslaying beasts in their plight
aren’t supposed anything but starving brutes?
Guilt of blood is with him who let me loose.

Dr. Jekyll envisioned this, his dream,
to pull mankind asunder by its seam,
setting free this species’ double nature
Darwin’s ape and breathe of the Maker

Instead of angel he conjured devil,
and permitted leave for it to revel.
Justly, did it happen to coincide,
that he perished under blasted name Hyde.


Listen to my beautiful voice:


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