Monster’s Name


And by that mystery of heaven’s pride,
the boarder where death and life coincide,
was breath given unto mismatched remnants,
held together with foreign ligaments.

A hand from a jar, eyes plucked from the ground,
in their proper places the most renowned.
I am forged of vivisection’s treasures,
every part wonderful in its measure.

But together what dreadful sum is formed,
a source of horror in whose mind was born
hubris to steal Olympian fire.
My genesis unveiled his desire.

Newborn, I greeted him with a smile,
yet fruit of his labor he reviled.
Dr. Frankenstein repented too late,
of the action he chose to undertake.

Unchristened, I went wandering this plane,
and nothing but cruelty it contained.
So, in villainy I earned my cursed name,
The Monster, they shout brandishing bright flame.


Listen to my beautiful voice:


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