Vampire’s Remorse


I am cast into twilight’s evensong,
and hear sacred chorales echoing long
holy refrains into the night’s darkness
burning me like the day-sun’s bright fierceness.
No further part of the congregant saints,
a man turned monster cannot reinstate
the soulless body whose tainted supper
is the life of flesh, red streams uncovered.
The hordes I beat back with their own terror,
and gained war-forged blackened name, Impaler.
But, in the weakness of peace’ reflection,
haunts the memory of such protection.
Hindsight thinks it sees what would have redeemed
history wrought within a mindless dream.
Spreading plague and cancerous thought I slew
to make this desolate kingdom anew.
What is built upon fear must that ground stand,
and rise to feed its always shrinking lands.
Ever thirsting want, the end of my course,
ceaseless nightmare, this vampire’s remorse.


Listen to my beautiful voice:


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