Night and Day


All of the time I have been waiting to see you again
All of the time I have been longing to hear your voice
You were right here sitting beside me
Holding my hand and whispering patiently
I never knew, I never looked in your eyes

And I know life’s an adventure
And I see there’s no returning
And now we must run in the night
Must search for the dawn through the night

All of this time quietly hoping that you’d turn around
All of this time dreaming you’d hear my heart’s soft call
You’re finally here sitting beside me
Stroking my hand and whispering playfully
Oh how I knew, I knew what was hiding inside

And I’ve found life’s full of treasure
And I’ve learned the joy of a moment
And now we have found a new day
have built for ourselves a new day.

And they were glad, singing together
And they were true, true to the end

(My attempt to sing this)


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