Space Psalm


How long will you be away,
and when will I find you again?
Will I find you again?

Into heaven I have soared:
Icarus into the sun!
My feet have left the hard, cruel earth;
I float above the world, weightless.
But woe, my tether has snapped?
From my tin can I drift away,
from my spaceship I’m blown like a feather.
Like an angel cast from your light
have I fallen into darkness?

God save me. I’m lost.
God save me. I’m in darkness.
God save me. Let me taste your love.

Though I’ve crossed one hundred thousand miles,
and all I am is lost in space,
I have not traveled so very far
that I am outside of your hands.
I was tethered to my space capsule;
I was tethered to nothing.
You and you alone are solid ground,
a tether that will not snap.

I cry: How long will you be away?
But when I do find you again,
shall my lips cease your praise?


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