The Anti-Fascist


I hear the invective, “Nazi!”
What have we learned?
The lesson, if ‘twere there,
was not to point at any
but the one who points—
that is oneself to see
in darkened light.

Nazi, not some target,
not a video game asset—
but the real threat
that you yourself
would somehow
hail Hitler;
that you would march
the Jews away
and start the Holocaust.

The fact that men as good as you
could one day wake to see
the Hell of their own hands
—their own hands laid the bricks—
and now enclosed, they’re damned.

Shouts will deafen ears:
You’ll not know your own voice
shouting “exterminate!”
shouting, “Nazi!”
and not pointing aright,
nor once glancing inward.
A Nazi will you be.


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