The Messenger

by Dr. Agonson

The sorrow that filled the room
felt heavy upon the messenger
who hoped that bearing and having bared
would feel the weight lift.

For long journey he had had,
troubles and toils, far from few,
but the message’ weight had drove him down
and further than he knew.

Message from above, he said,
he had then made his report,
but weight still bent the messenger’s back
as turning he went for the door.

Tarry, whispered the wind
and stay, wished his heart
but a bad message makes one unwelcome
so he left the mourners to mourn.

With sunken and sullied soul
into the night faded the messenger.
Dishonor without disgrace he knew he served
and honor married disgrace.

Why should no one fear the Lord?
Say those which must face
the terror of the wicked world
and bear the stripes of shame.

Yet it worn that messenger,
who knew justice had miscarried.
And since the ground would not shake nor sky tremble
the righteous soul went to it.