To See Sun Rise


In this dark night we wander on
through winter’s biting storms.
Our venture’s hope
to see
before we die,
the first bright rays of dawn,
and so escape living shadows.

At night,
the new moon’s hunt,
we hear their silent screams
filling the air as like thick smoke.
We cannot breathe for their dread call.
All doors are bared against
the dark’s approach
and ours.

We tarried home, and are locked out.
Our wives answer us not
fearing the dark’s
Running away
we pray for light of day
as the streetlamps are slowly snuffed.

How long?
How long have we
been running for our lives
without a glint or hope of light?
Whispers living shadows: “Always.
Despair, you are consumed,
pulled down into
our hell.”

And at these words some faltering,
as though struck by a dart,
collapse into
white snow.
We few,
our pace increased
race on into the night,
unbroken faith in the sunrise.

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