The Judgment of Man


Imagine, if you will, two choices: You can have the magnificent golden apple, or the succulent looking red apple. A light shines, not upon, but from the first; the glow touches your skin, a warmth both alien and familiar, something you’ve never felt and yet something you’ve longed for always, as if all longing was rooted in want of that heavenly light.

But the second apple calls you as well, like when at the sound of an overheard whisper you draw closer to the mystery, hoping for some sweet taste of forbidden knowledge. Yes, it emanates dark seduction, its perfect crimson skin glistening from the enwrapping shadows all around. At the sight hot desire burns inside you, tinged with the bitter flavor of guilt.

And which do you choose? What is man’s judgment when presented these two?

The prime of our race, those two unborn from any woman’s womb but instead lovingly from the earth crafted by that Father of all fathers, their names Adam, named by God, and Eve so called by her husband once this choice was made. For in this tale, though often we hear only of that tempting tree forgetting that in tasting the lesser the better was lost to us, the Tree of Life, now to our approach bared, went unchosen.

Think not yourself any grander than they, for from them were we all doomed, and your choice while still in parts of them was made. No virtue lacked they that we now possess but, if counted virtue, that knowledge forbidden. All our race then fell together, were together tempted, and falsely judging God’s words were by his words judged justly. So is our nature recorded true: when presented with life and death, we oft toward the darkness go to see what is unseen.

The knowledge of good and evil, exchanged for that uncountable price, paradise, is the lure of Death. So is he the final enemy to be destroyed by the light we once disdained.


Listen to my beautiful voice:


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