Whispers from the Shadows

by Dr. Agonson

Whispers from the shadows, the words playing through the veil, memories I wish to forget. They persist like a fire no water can quench, and my thirst ever deepens. To forget, to erase, to slip these bonds holding me back in this moment which never passes for me. For all it is a moment over, for me it is has been a month and a day and another sunrise. But the whispers ever bring me back so that no dawn may thaw, and no night may kill. To death or to life, to something, just to move from here.

I am stuck in this cold winter while they all move on into spring. Indeed, the sun is high, still I stand in shadows, a veil between me and love. Will this snow ever melt? Will it flood? Will I be washed away? Shall I be washed into the sea, shall I find solace in those depths? I want to fly! I want to soar into the sky; Sing! But I am frozen.

I never met myself, but I don’t think he is a very good man. His family seems to like him, he has friends. Yet with them he is behind a veil, he is never beyond the veil, does anyone see this veil around me? Is there any light?

Who whispers to me, telling me to leave my veil? I am a bad man, at the core I know I can’t be good. What am I? There is no light to see behind the veil. I want a mirror to show me my soul, and a friend to hold me against the mirror that I might know me. But what would I see without light, or could my mirror pierce the veil? I want truth and all I have are whispers gently dancing through the veil. Who am I? Why do I hate? And will I ever move from here?

Please teach me to fly, Dear God.

Listen to my beautiful voice:


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