Scientific name: Corcodillus Singula Simiae

Also known as: Cryptids, Crypts, Lizards, bats, Gargoyles

Average height: 4’ 6”

Colors: Dark purple (Almost black)

Appearance: Humanoid, bony, large shoulders with sharp spikes protruding from the upper back—seemingly part of the vertebra. They possess bat-like wings which can span anywhere between 9 to 12 feet. I have never seen any subject in flight, and believe their wings’ purpose lie in gliding and dominance displays. The face is reminiscent of an ape’s, though it is absent of any nose. They walk with support of their fore-knuckles.


The Cryptids utilize a so far indiscernible language consisting mostly of a clicking sound made in the backs of their throats. They can, however, comprehend human language.

They appear to be a nocturnal creature, but unlike other species we’ve dealt with, are not endangered by the sun.

I was attacked by a Cryptid while uncovering one of their burial sites. He bit off my finger, and spat it out. His face was contorted in what I believe to be disgust. This has led me to hypothesize that their animosity towards humans lie on an instinctual basis.

Cryptids lay eggs in a manner similar to that of frogs. Their primary breeding grounds seem to be subterranean lakes. We were able to watch the maturing Cryptids through these phases. From the egg, they emerge as something like a tadpole. Then, after growing into 3’ long snakes, they begin to force their way out of the water. This seems imperative, as those that failed to leave the pool sunk to the bottom, presumably dead. I believe that at a certain point the young Cryptid loses its ability to breathe underwater, and must therefore leave the lake or else drown. Cannibalism was ripe throughout this process. When in the fish state, the larger siblings ate their smaller brethren, and when they came out of the water, a deadly battle ensued. After gorging on each other, five remained of hundreds. These five were so swollen they could not move. They cocooned after this bloodbath, their soft and slimy skin turning hard as rock. In all, they were eggs for four days, and grew from tadpole to large snake in two weeks. Another week was spent before they left the pool, and within hours of leaving the pool their skin started hardening into a chrysalis. It took about a month for them to emerge, fully formed.

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