Incident Report

Agent: P. T. Williams

Date: 9/5/48

Location: Greenwood, Alabama


Reports came in around 18:00 of possible vampire activity. There were no units on the scene when I arrived between 24:00 and 01:00. My watch and radio had stopped about 5 miles before I entered the city. The streets were deserted.

I had parked the car outside of town, and was on foot. Going through those quiet streets, I eventually found an open establishment, The Hog’s Bar. This was getting onto around 04:00, and I had rendezvoused with Agent [Redacted]. He suggested we investigate the establishment.

Inside, Agent [Redacted], wearing red tinted contacts, asked around for his “brother,” who had the same colored eyes, while I questioned the bartender regarding local news. I worked my way around to asking if anyone had died recently, and he mentioned two prostitutes had been found dead, drug overdose.

As I made to leave the bar, I was shocked to see Agent [Redacted] talking with Nosferatu 17. Nosferatu 17 saw me and bolted. Agent [Redacted] was able to run after him, and later bring him into custody.

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