Inquiry Into the Death of Inmate 37

Board of Inquiry:

Inquiry into the death of Inmate 37

Medical testimony:
The autopsy showed definite signs of silver poisoning. I tested the water, and indeed, it was laced with silver. I have known this substance called colloidal silver. The effects were immediate, and deadly.

1st witness testimony:
I was manning the tape recorder. I wasn’t paying too much attention to what was going on around me. I think Inmate 37 asked for water, then he started coughing. I thought he was just choking a bit. I looked up from the recorder and he was grabbing his throat, blood was pouring out of his nose, and his eyes were bulging, desperately looking to each of us. We tried, but there was nothing we could do.

2nd witness testimony:
It was over pretty quickly. He asked for water, and [Witness #3] gave him some. You could tell something was wrong, Inmate 37 looked sick almost immediately. He was coughing up blood, gasping for air. Silver makes pretty quick work of those Dogs, but I’ve never seen…it was bad.

3rd witness testimony:
He was telling us about an incident, a fight between some Crypts and Dogs. He told us that there was more to the story than we were being led to believe, that Inmate 30, a one Benedict Hume, was involved. At a certain point, he asked for a glass of water. None of us had drunk the water yet, maybe we would have noticed…Anyway, after taking a sip of the water, there was an instant change that came over Inmate 37. He died.


It is the official finding of this Board of Inquiry that Inmate 37, Brian Heart, was murdered by person or persons unknown. Medical evidence, as well as witness testimony, supports the proposition that Inmate 37 was poisoned by what appears to be water laced with silver—a substance known as colloidal silver.

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