Scientific name: (Not officially canonized)

Also known as: Vampire, vamp, Nosferatu, Blood-Sucker, Devil, Drax (diminutive of Dracula), zombie

Average height: 5’ 6”

Colors: Commonly white, but can range through the whole spectrum of human pigments

Appearance: In early stages, human with red eyes. Older specimens (estimated around 100-200 years old) often lose all skin tone, possessing the appearance of an albino. Other deformities that emerge over time: thinness, elongated teeth and nails, baldness.


Vampires prefer to mask their activities under sickness and plague, or to take advantage of social/political situations like war. A small, but growing, population of vampires are resorting to out and out violence, using the high crime rate of cities to disguise their feedings.

Little is known of how or why some turn into vampires post mortem. Many reports show that subjects were often themselves the victims of a vampire, but enough evidence has shown that some people will simply turn. No one has witnessed, firsthand, this transformation.

Vampires cannot be reliably killed. This can be exemplified in the case of Nosferatu 17, who was incinerated, but, within a week, was rediscovered, feeding on the denizens of Greenwood Alabama. As of yet, the only sure way of dealing with this menace is indefinite confinement.

Little is known of these creatures. They are dangerous, cunning, and the biggest threat to the Bureau to date.

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