Wolf Head

Part 1: The Job
Richard is sent out to hunt the unknown monster.

Part 2: Foreboding
Tachi voices her concerns about going to a town a Hunter is visiting.

Part 3: Aftermath
Tachi and Richard view the carnage.

Part 4: Into the Night
Richard follows the monster into its lair.

Part 5: The Struggle
Richard tracks the monster down, but all is not as it seems.

Part 6: Expelled
The shadowy cave dwellers attack.

Part 7: Out From the Bones
Tachi rescues Richard.

Part 8: Respite
As Richard heals, Tachi meets her new “master.”

Part 9: Sunset
Sure the end is neigh, Tachi thinks back on how she became a slave.

Part 10: Transformation
Barely making it to the safety of the little hut, Tachi and Richard begin a race against time.

Part 11: The Shepherd
The monster is back.

Part 12: The Party
Word has spread to the hunters, of Richard’s fate.

Part 13: The Wolf
A brief foray into the monster’s perspective.

Part 14: Partners
Richard wakes up back in the cave, and senses a monstrous presence.

Part 15: Foreshadows
The party makes it to the little village.

Part 16: Freedom
Richard plans his next steps.

Part 17: Eavesdropping
Stanley listens in on Tachi and the shepherd.

Part 18: Resolve
The old Priest listens to Daniel’s story.

Part 19: Men and Boys
We learn a little of the connection between Stanley and Richard.

Part 20: Caught
Tachi and the shepherd attempt the leave the village.

Part 21: Rescue
The shepherd defends Tachi.

Part 22: Rescue
Tachi defends the shepherd.

Part 23: Bough’s Shadow
Richard dreams.

Part 24: Moon Rise
Richard transforms into the wolf.

Part 25: High Noon
Stanley resists the wolf.

Part 26: Doppelganger
Tachi awakes.

Part 27: The Calling
We revisit Tachi’s home.

Part 28: Reborn
Tachi faces her haunting Doppelganger.


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