Short Stories

A Cold Winter Walk (YouTube)
Follow the tale of an old man out for a walk on a winter’s night.

To Endure: 1, 2
This may be the first short story I ever wrote. It follows two men in a broken old, well there seems to be some question about what sort of vehicle they were riding in.

Achilles Amok (YouTube)
This was a rather fun High School assignment I did awhile back. We were going over sections of the Iliad and the Odyssey and our teacher asked us to write a story about Achilles appearing as an anachronism in our modern world.

Before Life, In Eternity’s Door (YouTube)
A guilty man finds himself in a courtroom.

The Black Castle (YouTube)
A very short story about the ruins of a castle, and the treasure hidden therein.

Stop the Rain (YouTube)
I was alone in the house one night, turned on a thunderstorm soundtrack, and just started writing.

Pillars of the Sea (YouTube)
An old man watches the actions of a young man at a harbor.

Leah for Rachel (YouTube)
A fly-on-the-wall’s view of a conversation in a bar.

Dona Eis Requiem (YouTube)
A zombie story.

Hallowed Ground Broken (YouTube)
A horror story in the night. Thank you, MladenR, for your post, Getting Inspired By Photographs.

Fare Well (YouTube)
A thief runs from his pursers, but all is not lost.

Time and Chance (YouTube)
Follow Chance as he faces his past.

Portrait (YouTube)
A man with a broken hand sees the truth of who he is in the sketching of a stranger.

Smoke in the Stars (YouTube)
Somewhat influenced by my love of Ecclesiastes, this short sci-fi themed story asks if there is any meaning in the deaths of three aliens on a far away moon.

The Cuckoo’s Toll (YouTube)
A clerk has problems when his costumer introduces himself.

The Empty Room (YouTube)
A very short ghost story.

The Carnival
A dialog between a confused man and a carnival freak.

Knight is Falling (YouTube)
A short, comical jaunt into one of the many heroic feats of an unnamed knight.

Children of Decay (YouTube)
A little bird’s feast, and the downfall of a villain.

Willow’s House (YouTube)
The desolation of a proud house, and the hope of a future still.

Let Us Go Into the Light
My wife’s a vampire. Help me dig her up.

This Day
A thief dies in the snowy winter.

Cold Inside
What would you do to be warm?

The Engineer
In the world behind the world, a land of metaphor, the Engineer dives into the darkness.

To Touch
Wanderings through Hell.

Funeral Party
A short story I started many years ago.

I Would Love Again
A thief has a change of heart.

The Giant’s Mouth
A somewhat mythological tale of love and sacrifice.

Bring It Back
A man wants to leave the carnival.

Son of Death
A superhero story.

The House
Returning to the magical world he knew, a man remembers.

And I Am Alone
Zombies and a lawn chair. Is there any connection? No. I just wrote the story; I don’t know what it means.


Wolf Head
Follow Richard and Tachi, as they battle the darkness, try to survive the moon, and face the monster within.

By The Sword
The memoirs of the Nameless Hero.

Follow Johnny and Amelia as they rescue the Intraworld.

The Bureau of Clandestine Affairs
Unravel the mysteries surrounding the [Redacted], learn about [Redacted], and enjoy [Redacted].

By an Idiot (YouTube)
Mr. Clown’s weekly advice. (Now escaped)


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