Knight is Falling


Once upon a time there was a knight who went about doing all sorts of knightly things. He slew dragons right and left, fought terrible duels every Saturday, and even used the word ‘verily’ without trying to sound pompous.

One time he managed to do all three at once. You see, the evil Count M, or some other forgettable villain, colluded with a dragon. Well, Saturday rolled around and Count M, his dragon, and our knight had it out.

There were flames, clashing swords, allusions to the knight’s character arc, and toward the climax—about twenty minutes into the episode—the knight and Count were locked in an epic struggle on the dragon’s back as the beast soared high into the air. Such dramatic danger would never be topped, at least until the following weekend.

Anyway, with his general flair for Deus ex Machina, our knight, after having his sword knocked from his hand, found himself defenseless as Count M began to monologue. Well, about the time the Count told our knight the two of them really weren’t so different, the knight’s sword—a pixie had blessed it or something by way of an explanation—made a beeline toward our hero.

Unfortunately for the dragon, the sword’s path lead it straight through the worm’s heart, at which point our knight did say:

“Verily, we are the same, in that we are falling.”

On that cliff hanger we were enticed to tune in next week.


Listen to my beautiful voice:

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