Radio Theatre

Okay, so where am I with my New Year’s resolution? (Screaming. Lots of internal screaming.) I’m working on it.

However, my major problem seems to be finding the right story. At the start, I conceived of this project as containing fully original content: I am beginning to repent of this idea. Instead, I am considering adapting a classic horror story into a script. In all, I have not yet decided either way. The problem seems to be in finding the right story.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to give a sort of . . .

State of the Radio Theatre Project


Bear minimum:
  1. Script by Halloween
  1. A good script
  2. A preformed Radio Drama
  1. Halloween night live performance
  2. Sound effects
  3. Candy (it will be Halloween after all)

As a general aside, please feel free to suggest either a short story (preferable one in the public domain) or favorite monster/situation that could work as the premise for a Halloween Radio drama in the comment section below.



    1. I recently read (listened to an audio book of) The Call of Cthulu. It was good, if only slightly over-rated. I may take something of Lovecraft’s work, or perhaps take his influence. Thank you, that’s a great idea. I much preferred Shadow Over Innsmouth (Shape of Water shenanigans on the scale of a whole town). Fish people, child sacrifice, and the sinking realization that [spoilers], that’s what horror needs!


      1. Hehe I don’t actually read or know a lot of horror. I just know cthulu is gross with all the tentacles and he’s eternal madness in the weightless vast emptiness of space or something. Or at the bottom of the sea. Same diff, just a matter of the intensity of pressure.
        I was going to do a post about how I am cthulu, since I’m everything (meta) or something like that. So that’s what drove my suggestion lol
        But yeah… mermaids, baby killing, lol sounds like the gripes of my life already lol

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